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Our products are available in shops throughout Nassau. Be sure to stop in on you way back to your ship! Dvanyas products make a great gift!


Original Bahamian Hot Pepper Sauce - 5oz

D'vanya's Original Bahamian Hot Pepper Sauce can be used in a number of dishes while cooking or added to foods for finishing. Place it on your table along with other frequently used condiments like ketchup and mustard to add flavor to your table, and a kick to your meal. Our hot peppers, also known as Goat Peppers, are grown the 'old-fashioned' way in the Bahamas. Made from all natural ingredients.


Junkanoo Hot Sauce - 5oz

D'vanya's has captured the spirit of Junkanoo in its Junkanoo Hot Pepper Sauce. All natural, wholesome ingredients, such as spicy goat peppers and red peppers are used in this delicious sauce named after a festive celebration in Bahamian culture, it can be added to your favorite dish, during or after cooking. Experience a taste of the islands and turn your next meal into a party with D'vanya's Junkanoo Hot Pepper Sauce.